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We Are The Medicine

What is all this talk of "medicine" and what does it mean? Pharmaceutical drugs may come to mind, the kind produced by corporations and controlled by big governments. Of course there are also countless medicines that come from the earth. In either case there is a consumption with the intention and hope of healing. But medicine can come to us in numerous other manifestations. As human beings we each carry our own unique medicine, something intrinsic to us that we can harness to support others in challenging times. It grows more potent with practice, as the spirit and mind become accustomed to serving others in this way.

Every being carries their medicine, from our beloved pets who give unconditional love, to the tree we cherish every time we spot its branches in the sky. Most of us have sat next to an ocean or river and breathed in its magic, and felt the balm of its presence pacify our soul with its tapestry of sounds and pauses. Every piece of driftwood, every ancient rock, every bird both wild and caged, carries it's distinct medicine with dignity throughout the length of its existence. If we slow down enough to really listen, we can receive their messages and healing energy, allowing their gifts to recharge our spirit.

Whether you live in a city or out in nature, there is always an opportunity to connect with the medicines around you. Pay close attention to people who come to you with wisdom and encouragement. In addition to healing you, they may support the development of your own medicine. Connect with the elements and cycles of the earth and get in tune with what they offer in each moment.

It is up to us as individuals to find our medicine. The next time you are in nature or in a quiet space, take a moment to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths into your soul. Ask yourself, what medicines do I carry? How can I help others to heal? Say a prayer of gratitude for your life and in acknowledgement of all the medicines around and within you.


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