Covid testing is available in town (Troncones) at the local pharmacy.  The cost is $2000 pesos and we can arrange your appointment.  There is also walk-in testing available at the airport for $550 pesos.  Arrive 3-4 hours in advance to receive your results before your flight.  There are several laboratories in Zihuatanejo also offering Covid testing for around $40 USD.


We are taking all the necessary precautions at our studio, including:


  • Limited Class and Event size (6 person maximum)

  • Sterilization of mats, props, and blankets

  • Hand washing and sanitizer are always available     

  • Social distancing is expected

  • Masking is not required during yoga class but encouraged during set-up and after class

  • Masking is required during massage and acupuncture

  • Masking is required during group acupuncture


Because of our unique outdoor, open air studio, we feel that we can continue to safely offer in-person classes.  We encourage you to reach out if you are considering a visit to our studio and book a room with us!


We are currently closed for the rainy season. Contact us for private classes, ceremonies and massage.

Prices & Payment

Drop-In Class Fee:  $250 pesos

5 Class Pass:  $1100 pesos

Payable via Venmo/Cashapp for $55 usd


Venmo: RadiantHeartYoga

CashApp: RadiantHeartYoga

Yoga is a holistic path to well-being that originated in India thousands of years ago.


People often start doing yoga to increase their fitness level, only to discover an internal shift in consciousness that occurs as their practice progresses. Yoga can promote relaxation, bring joy to your life and help you feel firm, stable and healthy.


At Radiant Heart Yoga, we offer classes that help us become stronger and more flexible, and cultivate peace, self-confidence and inner radiance.

Our beautiful yoga shala is located in Playa Manzanillo, the only tranquil and swimmable beach in all of Troncones.


We offer a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha classes.  Classes are catered to those who show up on the mat each day.  Our classes make space for creativity, play, exploration, meditation, mantra, breath.  We build strength, work on balance, lengthen muscles, open joints, become more flexible and find peace.

Classes are taught in English and Spanish as needed.


Private Classes

 One-on-one Attention 

 Deep Adjustments and Modifications

Affordable Options

Privates have become very popular as people seek to continue their yoga practice in a safe way, away from public classes.  

Private lessons are great if you want individual attention and feedback.  Also excellent if you are rehabbing injuries, are new to yoga, want to work on specific poses or create a practice that you can take home with you. 


We will discuss your goals and create a customized and sustainable practice for you.


Private Group Classes

Yoga in Saladita, Troncons, Zihuatanejo

Mats & props provided

Email or Call Us

Saladita, Troncones, Buena Vista, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Playa Blanca, Barra de Potosi, and surrounding areas.

Yoga Troncones Mexico Radiant Heart Yoga

Founder Adriana Gonzalez completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Shambhava Konalani Ashram in Hawaii, where she received a thorough understanding of Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on creating and maintaining a meticulous and grounded spiritual practice.

She then completed her advanced yoga teacher training with Mark Stephens Yoga Santa Cruz.  Mark is the author of award-winning yoga textbooks used in yoga teacher trainings around the world.  This vinyasa training emphasized anatomy and advanced asana practice.