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About Us

We are a small, woman-owned yoga & ceremonial center in Troncones Beach, Guerrero, Mexico.  

About Us

Adriana Gonzalez Villa is an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer, acupuncturist, musician and yogini. She facilitates medicine ceremonies and sound healings, as well as offers acupuncture and healing sessions.  Her ministry is inclusive, with a focus on indigenous wisdom traditions. Adriana is a mother and wife and lives in Troncones with her husband and baby. She was raised in the US as a dual citizen of Mexico and the USA.


Adriana's parents immigrated to the US and she grew up in a neighborhood of immigrants, refugees, and African American families in Houston, Texas.  As a child growing up in a community struggling to accept a new wave of migrants, Adriana experienced rampant personal and institutionalized racism.  At 18 she enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin, where she finally began to dissolve this false reality so prevalent in America and heal from years of internalized racism.  She received degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, and was politically conscious, working in the field of social justice. 


Adriana worked with some of the most marginalized people in America- undocumented citizens, homeless populations, and incarcerated youth with disabilities.   A career in social justice law was redirected by an acute episode of spiritual awakening-  an initiation of Spirit.

Rev. Adriana Maria González Villa
Minister of Walking Prayer
Ordination day for Adriana Gonzalez owner

After leaving her career behind in Austin, Adriana began participating in sweat lodge and medicine ceremonies before going back to school to become a minister, yoga instructor, and healer.  Years of intensive practice and calling for a vision brought in Radiant Heart Yoga & Ceremonial Arts. 


As a bi-cultural woman of color in America, Adriana decided that the best way to access and remember her lineage and traditions was to return to her ancestral homeland of Mexico. There, she found a home for Radiant Heart Yoga, and developed it as a space for healing and transformative personal and collective work, set in a small and peaceful town on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico.  

In 2018 Adriana and her partner Dimitri Mugianis founded Iboga Revolution, an organization offering retreats and private sessions with the visionary medicine ibogaine.  These group retreats and private sessions in Baja California offer a compelling platform for personal transformation and collective revolution.

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