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Entheogenic Ceremonies & Psychedelic Journeys


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troncones plant medicine ceremony yoga shala

We offer fully guided entheogenic journeys in private and small group settings. Group sessions generally take place once a week. Contact us for current dates and to reserve your spot.


The medicines we work with support us in our mental and spiritual growth and healing. They are known to alleviate depression and anxiety, stimulate the growth of neural pathways, support cognitive function, as well as enhancing creativity, insight, and perspective. Our expertly guided ceremonies are beautifully held, accompanied by gentle medicine songs, sound healing instruments, prayer and intention. 

If you are interested in arranging a medicine ceremony for your group, please contact us for details. 

Sessions take place at our beautiful and private beachfront yoga shala, where the sound of the ocean mixes perfectly with the healing instruments and prayers offered.  In certain cases the ceremony can take place at your location.  

These medicines are considered by many to be gifts of nature, allowing us to connect with the fabric of creation and the realm of spirit in a powerful way.  They support us in living a more meaningful and purposeful life.  The visions invoked can help us to understand aspects of our identity, and release old traumas. 


We create a safe and beautiful container for you to release and go deep. 

All ceremonies take place with great respect to your personal experience, safety and privacy.  While I am fully present in my capacity as a medicine woman and interfaith minister, my role is subtle in guiding your own unique experience.  The setting we have curated are comfortable, safe and beautiful.  My ministry has a focus on keeping awareness around wisdom traditions and on the facilitation of healing and transformative experiences.  


Send us a message to inquire about our ceremonies.

Cacao Ceremonies
cacao ceremony in Troncones Mexico


Ceremonial Cacao Tea

Provides a light, high vibrational energy that is perfect for meditation and inner journeying. 

Cacao is native to this region of Mexico, and has an ancient history here. It's also an active part of the local diet.  I guide this journey as a Mexicana and in my capacity as Minister of Walking Prayer.  

The ceremony lasts for approximately 2 hours, and begins with a cup of cacao tea followed by smudging/cleansing of the energy field.  This is a guided inner journey and prayer for healing.  Each ceremony is unique but all use a variety of sound healing instruments to deepen the experience.  Some commonly used themes and practices include honoring and connecting with the elements and nature, chakra clearing and balancing, medicine drum journeying, breath work, mantra and meditation.  

This is a unique and accessible experience here in Playa Troncones and anywhere in the world.  The combination of the cacao medicine, the journey, the ocean, mountains, wind and sun create a potent and divine portal for joy, healing and transformation.  

Send us a message to schedule a group or private ceremony.

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