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Entheogenic Ceremonies


We offer fully guided entheogenic journeys in private and small group settings. Group sessions generally take place once a week. We often align our ceremonies with the two annual equinoxes and solstices, and the full and new moons. Contact us for current dates and to reserve your spot.

Sacred medicines support us in our mental and spiritual growth and healing. Some are known to alleviate depression, and anxiety, stimulate the growth of neural pathways, support cognitive function, as well as enhance creativity, insight, and perspective. Our expertly guided ceremonies are beautifully held, accompanied by live medicine songs, sound healing, prayer and intention.

Sacred medicines are considered by many to be gifts of nature, allowing us to connect with the fabric of creation and the realm of spirit in a powerful way. They can support us in living a more meaningful and purposeful life. The visions invoked can help us to understand aspects of our identity and release old traumas.

All ceremonies take place with great respect to your personal process, safety, and privacy.



Ceremonial cacao tea

provides a light, high vibrational energy that is perfect for meditation and inner journeying. 

We offer a beautiful, ancestral ceremony with the medicine of Cacao. Cacao is the origin of chocolate and a local plant in this region, with an ancient tradition of medicinal and ceremonial use. It is also part of the mythos of Mesoamerica and Mexico in particular.

You will learn the origin story of cacao, and experience a shamanic journey that is supported by its medicine. This medicine can open the heart, connect us with joy and deeply nourish the soul. As humans we carry intentions, prayers, visions, and goals for our lives. This is the perfect opportunity to elevate those prayers in sacred ceremony.

The ceremony lasts for approximately 2 hours, and begins with a cup of cacao tea followed by smudging/cleansing of the energy field. We'll talk story before diving into guided a medicine drum journey and sound healing session.

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