Cacao Ceremony

Private Ceremonies available by Appointment

Ceremonial Cacao Tea

contains a light, high vibrational energy which can easily be used for meditation and inner journeying. 

Cacao is native to this region of Mexico, and has an ancient history here as well as being part of the local diet.  I guide this journey as a Mexicana and in my capacity as Minister of Walking Prayer.  

The ceremony lasts for approximately 2 hours, and begins with a cup of cacao tea followed by smudging/cleansing of the energy field.  You will then lie down on a mat and be guided through an inner journey and strong prayer for healing.  Each ceremony is unique but all use sound healing to deepen the experience.  Some commonly used themes and practices include honoring and connecting with the elements and nature, chakra clearing and balancing, medicine drum journeying, breath work, mantra and meditation.  

This is a beautiful and unique experience here in Playa Troncones and anywhere in the world.  The combination of the cacao medicine, the journey, the ocean, mountains, wind and sun create a potent and divine portal for joy, healing and transformation.  

Send us a message to open a conversation about cacao or reserve a spot.


Entheogenic Ceremonies & Journeys

Entheogenic journeys are visionary sessions that take you deep within the self, to experience your infinite and divine nature. 

We facilitate both personal (one on one) and group ceremonies.  Ceremonies can last from 90 minutes to 12 hours, depending on which medicine you choose to work with.  Adriana guides these journeys and brings shamans in from other traditions.  If you are interested, please contact us so that we can go over your options in terms of medicines, length of time, location, and number of people.

Sessions are by appointment only, and take place at our beautiful and private beachfront yoga shala.  Ceremony can take place off-site in the right circumstances.   A personal session includes time for opening and closing the space, the ceremony, and integration (follow up integration session can be arranged by phone).

These medicines are considered by many to be gifts of nature, allowing us to connect with the fabric of creation and the realm of spirit in a powerful way.  They are also known to treat depression, anxiety, stress, and to allow us to connect to a more meaningful and purposeful life.  The visions invoked may help us to understand aspects of our ancestry, and release old traumas long held in our lineage. 


We create a safe and beautiful container for you to release and go deep. 

You will be guided on how to navigate in this realm, and we will discuss your intentions as well as any fears stirring under the surface, in order to enter the space with clarity and peace.  


All ceremonies take place with great respect to your personal experience, your safety and your privacy.  While I am fully present in my capacity as Minister of Walking Prayer and medicine woman, my role is subtle in guiding your own unique experience.  The set and setting we have curated are impeccable, beautiful, and comfortable.  My ministry has a focus on keeping awareness around ancient wisdom traditions and on the facilitation of healing and transformative experiences.  The shamans I work with are of the highest integrity and work with humility and love.


Send us a message to open the discussion and reserve your personal or small group ceremony. 


Peyote Ceremony

Our dear teacher the marakame Jose Isabel Gonzalez periodically visits us in Playa Troncones, bringing the sacramental medicine of his people, the Wixarika or Huichol indigenous group of Mexico.


Hikuri, or peyote, is a psychedelic plant medicine that has been used to heal the body, mind and spirit for thousands of years by native people in the USA and Mexico. These benefits are well known amongst traditional users, but there is increasing scientific evidence that peyote has beneficial therapeutic uses in the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and anxiety.


The peyote cactus is a visionary plant, and can provide new perspectives on life events that may be deeply healing and transformative.

Retreats with Ibogaine

Experience a focused plant medicine journey with the intention of healing and personal revolution.  We offer a unique opportunity to experience the sacred wood iboga with Dimitri Mugianis, one of the most recognizable and experienced providers outside of Gabon, and Adriana Gonzalez, Minister of Walking Prayer and yogini from Guerrero, Mexico. 

Iboga is a master plant teacher from Africa, with profound healing and transformational properties. Recognized for its use in treating addiction, Iboga also has a long history of ceremonial use, for initiations, rites of passage, celebration, and for healing ceremonies.

The epigenetic properties of iboga have allowed many to reveal the source of past pain and trauma and heal ancestral wounds. Some have described a life review and cleansing and reordering of old patterns.  It's also commonly described as a"reset," and a sense of being "awake in the dream."

For more information and to register for one of our retreats with iboga, visit us at



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