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Support for
Yoga Retreats & Groups

Create meaningful experiences for your clients by connecting with the local community


 Cacao Ceremony and Psychedelic Journeys

 Group & Individual Acupuncture

 Private Healing Sessions

Sound Healing

Cacao Ceremony is a beautiful way to open a retreat, set intentions, and fully arrive in the moment. 

Entheogenic Journeys offer a deeply healing and unifying experience.

Group Acupuncture can quickly restore and reset the nervous system, and promote deep relaxation.

High quality Treatments- deeply healing experiences that can inclue acupuncture, Thai massage, cupping therapy, sound healing, and reiki.

Sound Healing helps to harmonize and balance the energy body and are perfectly complemented by the sound of the ocean.

Read more about treatments here.

Retreats with Iboga Revolution

Plant medicine ceremonies with Ibogaine


Join us for a 5 day retreat with ibogaine. Our retreats take place in a beautiful ceremonial context, and are always supported by our medical team. Retreats are ongoing. If you are curious about the potent medicine of ibogaine, please reach out or apply for a group or personal retreat on our website here.   


Our incredible beachfront location just 45 minutes south of San Diego lends itself well to deep healing and inner work.

Retreat Support
Ibogaine Retreats

Personal Retreats in Paradise

Personal retreats are customized and take place at our beachfront studio in

Playa Troncones, Mexico. Accommodations are off-site at your choice of locations. 


Your custom package can include:

Choice of Accommodation


Ceremonial work

Plant Medicine Journeys


Bodywork & Healing Therapies

Developing a spiritual practice

Nature excursions

Acupuncture treatments

Excursions to sacred sites

Learning the Art of Facilitation

Private Surf Lessons in warm clear waters

Sunset baby turtle release!

Volunteering at the local rescue center

Sailing in the Zihuatanejo Bay

Visiting a sacred archeological site

Kayaking or SUP in a beautiful freshwater lagoon with tropical birds

This is a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and charge your vibration, and experience a

truly healthy lifestyle.

Don't hesitate to contact us and inquire about any of our services.

Retreat in Paradise
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