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Story of a Mushroom Healing

Recently I had an old boyfriend reach out on social media. We had not spoken since high school. We parted ways indefinitely when he took me on a date to an Italian restaurant, offered the waitress a ride home, dropped me off first, and promptly disappeared with her on a three day rendezvous. I was around 17 at the time and moved on fairly quickly, unscathed.

Overall I do not have many fond memories of this person- but I did have some pivotal experiences with him that would come into play much later in my life. Under his guidance (along with a couple of other friends), I became a confident mushroom forager, and spent countless nights harvesting psychedelic mushrooms, and countless days and nights journeying with them.

These were recreational experiences, yet the medicine of the mushroom could not be contained. I had many breakthrough experiences, revelatory and sacred, and many dark nights of the soul. I journeyed far, taking heroic doses with the courage and ignorance only a teenager knows. Unbeknownst to me at the time was that these experiences would later shape the course of my life.

As a psychedelic guide, I have facilitated healing experiences for clients from all walks of life. I do this in my capacity as minister of walking prayer and medicine woman, and I am able to draw from a deep well of personal experiences with this sacred medicine.

He contacted me all these years later to apologize for his actions. In his message he told me that he had always regretted his betrayal and looked for a way to reach out.

I responded to his message, accepted his apology, and felt the balm of forgiveness healing that old, forgotten wound. I also thanked him for introducing me to the world of psilocybin, which would eventually become my primary work in the world~ supporting others in their healing processes with teonanácatl, the sacred mushroom.

I believe people come into our lives for a reason, although we may not understand that reason for years to come. This is a perfect example and I’m grateful for my work and for every experience that supported me on my path to sharing this medicine with skill and integrity.

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Mark Antone
Mark Antone
May 13, 2021

Wow, great story of how people can realize the errors of their former ways!

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