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When a Child is Born, so is a Mother

I was deep in the throes of new motherhood when this photo was taken. Still delicate, I was spending every cherished moment with my new, beloved baby. The transition from being one soul, to forever splitting your spirit, body and mind into two, is a sacred time. She and I were wrapped in a cocoon and it was a sweet relief. We stayed home mostly, just venturing out to take dips in the ocean and see the occasional friend. I didn’t post any photos of her during this time, nor a single one of my pregnancy, until my baby was a few months old. I just grew her and loved her and held her, in deep gratitude and reverence.

However, my friend Felicity and I had planned a group retreat, to be held only three short months after baby was due to arrive earthside. I hadn’t expected to still feel so fragmented, how my body would still ache from natural childbirth, and how every moment away from her would feel like fresh heartbreak.

I’m privileged to spend my days and nights with my little love. I’m privileged for the work I do, that gives me so much freedom, and wings to fly.

My trepidation was released by dear Felicity and our amazing retreat guests, who accommodated me and my little one so graciously during that week, and I found beautiful medicine there. It’s there that I began to step into a new power, with my mantle as medicine woman now infused with my new role as Mother.

In March when we meet again on retreat, my baby will be bright eyed and walking, taking in every detail. I look forward to this magic, and our new way of being. We are constantly evolving. Every moment is magic, every breath a gift.

For information and to register for our upcoming retreat in March/April, 2023,

click on the link below.


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